The championship of Feyenoord and a mill

 After 18 years without winning the title, in 2017 Feyenoord was crowned with the Eredivisie title. My play, goals and assists were a big contribution to that and thus, this is a milestone in my life of which I am very proud. My habit is to eternalize everything that is or has been an influence in my life, as a tattoo on my body.

The mill is a representation for Molenwijk, a neighbourhood were I grew up and were I learned to play football in the streets as a kid. To emphasize that it is Molenwijk in The Hague, I added the skyline of the city.

True Colours Tattoo has been my tattoo artist for over years and they even traveled abroad for me. I highly value their services, not only because they are friendly and very supportive in regards to the tattoo design, but most importantly because they are hygienic.    

Quality is their middle name and that is also what makes them one of the bests tattoo shops in The Netherlands, maybe even Europe. Apart from them delivering high quality tattoos and their flexibility, they also know how to tattoo on dark skin. Believe me when I say that this is not obvious. There are very few tattoo artists that tattoo a dark skin as good as a white skin.